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7 Great Ways to Feel Better this Spring – Health Coaching Ideas

7 Great Ways to Feel Better this Spring – Health Coaching Ideas

How have you done on your health goals? Have you lost a stone, run a 5K, got rid of your back ache, made massive progress on creating a fantastic work-life balance?

But before you start feeling a failure, how about taking stock of what you have done and decide to do more:

1. Don’t watch or listen or read the news for one whole day. It only makes you stressed. I was once told that if something is bad enough someone will tell you about it. It’s true.

2. Buy a notebook that appeals to you and start a thankful (gratitude) diary. Every night write 5 things you are thankful for that made you smile today. Excellent to scan your brain for the good stuff.

3.Send someone you love some flowers for no reason at all, just because you love them. If no-one springs to mind buy some for yourself- you are worth it.

4. If you work at your computer put a reminder on to get up every hour, walk around a little and stretch your body out.

5. Eat some fish, preferably oily fish, full of good oils and brain food. Visit the chippie if you are not overweight. Support a local business.

6. Have a good clear out of your fridge or a cupboard. Get rid of out of date foods and soggy vegetables. Give it a thorough wipe out and fill with fresh fruit and seasonal vegetables

7. Use today to make some appointments to make you feel better, the Physiotherapist ,  Acupuncturist, Relationship Counsellor, Reflexologist, Hypnotherapist, Coach, (Warr Clinic of course 0118 978 2409)

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