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Georges Sanches Bernstein

Georges Sanches Bernstein

BA Physiotherapy, MCSP, Member HCPC 

Georges has been working with holistic health and wellbeing for over 20 years. His interest in sports medicine lead to his BA in Physiotherapy at the Paulista University in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Upon his relocation to the UK in 2015, he became a Member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy.

He has further specialist training in Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy (treatment of knots formed in the muscle causing pain and tightness), Dry Needling (a form of acupuncture), Myofascial Release (specialised physical and manual therapy used for the effective treatment and rehabilitation of soft tissue and facial tension and restriction), and Bio Cranial Therapy. He has worked with many international athletes including tennis players and Formula 1 drivers.

Georges is invited regularly to give lectures at international events for clinical practitioners in the area of sports therapy and natural pain relief.