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Maria Goncalves

Maria Paula Goncalves

Nutritional Therapist, Bachelor Food Engineer, Doctorate Food Science and Technology,

Nutritional Therapy

Maria is a Food Scientist having a Doctorate in Food Science and Technology at the University of Campinas (UNICAMP), Brazil, and is a Nutritional Therapist. She worked as a lecturer at universities in Brazil and Chile and she collaborates with the University of Reading since she arrived in the UK, in 2012.

She has been working with nutritional education, organizing and delivering seminars and workshops, in the UK, Brazil and Chile related to healthy food and prevention of diseases through a good nutrition.

Maria is passionate about integrative and functional nutrition and aims to help people to find better life quality, vitality and wellness, preventing issues through healthy food choices and focusing on positive relationships, a fulfil career, aligned values and conscious choices.

As part of her therapy, she can conduct an epigenetic hair test that reports which daily nutritional and environmental factors are affecting your body’s cells.

Maria’s specialist area:

– Health Coaching
– Integrative nutrition