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Attitude and Stess Affects Recovery 

Attitude and Stess Affects Recovery 

Mental well-being is in the news so much but how does it affect your recovery time after injury? If your life is already stressed you may find recovery much slower than someone whose life is more balanced and calm. 

Being busy does not always equal stress. 

It’s our attitude to the events of our life that make all the difference. 

Stress also makes us more prone to injury. Driving in a stressful manner will tense all your body as you desperately try to overtake, drive your fastest or get frustrated at the traffic jam. Work computer stress can put shoulder and back muscles into spasm as we let work worries invade our bodies. 

Tiredness or mental fatigue can  affect our ability to recover from injury. The body is an amazing machine but if it is tired and badly nourished then repairing injury will take longer. How many of you know all your aches and pains to go away when you go on holiday? 

Practical help;

  • Be kind to yourself. If you are in pain and injured, take time out to rest and recover. Only do essentials 
  • Exercise to reduce stress and unwind the muscles. Keeping your body trim and fit reduces the risk of injury. 
  • Learn how to relax. You’ve heard it all before but when did you switch of the TV and just allowed yourself to ‘be’. When did you last take a walk without your mobile? 
  • Talk to someone- anxiety builds up and a good listening ear is worth it’s weight in gold. 
  • Book a regular massage. Preventive care plus it’s great to get rid of all the spasms that inevitably build up in our sedentary but busy lifestyle. Emily is wonderful here at the clinic. 
  • Practice being positive. If you are a naturally glass full person you are probably happier too. If not, fake it until you make it!
  • Plan regular breaks.This may be in your work day to walk and stretch and do your Physio exercises ! And longer term holidays and days out. Having something to look forward too can change your attitude to many everyday events. 
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