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Can Physio Help Your Headaches?

Can Physio Help Your Headaches?

Recurrent headaches are often a cause of worry for many people.  Most headaches are caused by issues that are quite simple to resolve such as dehydration or too much screen time, but they can also be coming from areas such as your neck or jaw.

Cervicogenic headaches can occur frequently and become quite intense, which can significantly impact your normal function and quality of life.

Pain may be caused by muscular tension due to posture or weakness of muscles in the upper back or shoulders, or it can be caused from stiffness of the joints between the vertebrae limiting movement.

Physiotherapists frequently assess and treat cervicogenic headaches with very good results using a range of techniques such as soft tissue and joint mobilisation and exercise programmes to improve strength and posture. There are also some physiotherapists with qualifications in acupuncture or craniosacral therapy which can also help with cervicogenic headaches.

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