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Computer Related Pain?

Computer Related Pain?

Many people work at computers and many people work long hours.

Long hours sat at a desk can cause a whole range of problems from back ache, neck ache, headaches and tennis elbow. Many of these issues can have a relatively simple solution.

First and foremost, the most important thing you can do to combat these issues is to move.  Humans are not designed to sit all day so regular movement during the day can help prevent issues caused by sitting for too long.  It may be something simple such as standing up when you are taking a call, or setting yourself a reminder for every 30-60 minutes to stand up and walk up and down the corridor, whatever gets you out of that chair will help.

As long periods of time are spent at a desk, it is important to make sure your workstation is set up correctly.  Your hips, knees and ankles should be at a 90* angle, and feet flat on the floor.  Your chair should be supportive and used correctly (often people start creeping forward in their chairs as the end of the day nears!).  The top of your screen should be at eye level and your keyboard and mouse comfortable to use.  It may be worth investing in an upright mouse if you suffer from elbow or wrist pain.

If you need to use a laptop for long periods, it is worthwhile using a stand and separate mouse/keyboard as the small screen means we often have to move our neck and head down and bring our shoulders forwards which can cause upper back, neck and shoulder issues.

Doing basic movement exercises such as rolling the shoulders, squeezing the bottom muscles and moving your neck from side to side can help prevent things from getting stiff.  If you are experiencing any pain or issues, it is worthwhile speaking to a physiotherapist to get an exercise programme specific to your needs.

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