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Do You Get Knee Pain when Running?

Do You Get Knee Pain when Running?

Knee pain in runners is an incredibly common complaint in physiotherapy clinics and can be caused by a wide range of problems.

Physiotherapists are trained to assess the whole lower limb to establish the cause of pain and work out how to manage or resolve your symptoms.

There are a range of tests physiotherapists will do to determine if there are any issues with the ligaments or menisci (cartilage rings in the knee) and treat these accordingly.

Most often knee pain in running is due to issues arising from imbalance of muscles in the lower limb, commonly weakness in the gluteals or inner quadriceps muscles and tightness of the tensor fascia latae or iliotibial band (ITB).   This can cause irritation around the patella and prevent normal tracking within it’s normal groove.

There are many different treatment options to improve knee pain with running, including manual therapies, taping and advice on footwear and running technique. Physiotherapists can also advise on how to best strengthen your muscles to improve your running performance and reduce pain.

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Tara Lawson Chartered Physiotherapist

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