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Don’t Beat Yourself Up This Christmas

Don’t Beat Yourself Up This Christmas

Big yourself up! You are amazing and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. December is often that time of year when we can   get overwhelmed and overworked and look forward to the 27th.

Decide this year to be different and enjoy yourself, look after yourself, and those around you will be happier too, I promise.    This is not selfish, it’s a case of putting on your own oxygen mask first. You’re no good to anyone if you’re not on top of        your health.

Week One- It’s all going to be great!

  1. Use your phone to remind you at least once a day to stretch out your body. First thing is great, as you get out of bed stretch up your arms reaching up gently, stretch from side to side.

  2. Decide that just for this month only you will write down your goals for the day every day. e.g writing Christmas cards so you will catch the second class post this year and your friend in Hong Kong will receive letter before middle of January

  3. Make sure you energise your body with super foods. Foods grown in the ground with no processing will give you the energy you need. Sugars will tire you, so nourish yourself- after all you’ve only one place to live.

In a few days I’ll post Week 2
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