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Eating trends 2016

Eating trends 2016

Eating and Food Trends for 2016-Irrevant thoughts and comments

I attended the London Health Fair last week and the top trends seem to be as follows;

  • Fermented foods are due to be big- do you have time?
  • Souping is the new juicing- I’ve banged on about soups for years and finally the world has caught up. Hurrah.
  • Insects-anyone want a a cockroach powder bar?
  • Seaweed is the new kale- not the stuff my dog pees on I hope.The kale crisps were delicious though.
  • Much more emphasis on beauty from the inside- but hasn’t our skin always reflected our diet?
  • Fat is back, so butter instead of margarines
  • Camel milk and beer cocktails not so sure on these.

Lots of natural packaging is making its way over from America and we are looking to get our vitamins and sprays powders and liquid forms instead of tablets.
Do we really need our vitamins to be gummy bears or jelly babies? Please.

Anyhow there you have it, some you’ll be aware of already I’m sure but take what you will and maybe try something new today.

 Jeannette Warr

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