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Forget Resolutions Have Aspirations

Forget Resolutions Have Aspirations

AND NOW TO 2016! Forget resolutions lets think about and take action on;

7 Aspirations for the NEW YEAR

 Aspiration 1 – Great Friends

 Forget the Facebook hundreds, WHO absolutely energises you and supports you in all your endeavours? Who would be there for you if times were tough? This year decide to spend your time with those people who make your heart soar and ditch the ‘energy vampires’

 Aspiration 2 – Great Role Models

 Not necessary friends but people who inspire you. It may be a great manager or inspiring sportsperson or even your child. Spend time near them and watch their habits and behaviours. Which would you like to have for yourself?

 Aspiration 3 – Great Emotions

What is your dominant emotion? Positive or negative? Do you feel energised by anger? Practice turning your emotions to positive ones. In every bad situation you could ask “what’s good about this?” Happiness takes practice in letting go of the past. It really is behind you.

 Aspiration 4 – Great Physical Health

 What do you need to do and who can help you make the changes you need to make. Get some expert advice. Invest in your health. In the same way you would ask a motor mechanic to repair your car because they have spent years training to do just that, ask a health expert to help you make the changes you need to make and follow through on their advice. A Physio or Coach? Look after the framework of your body regularly and the rewards will astound you.

 Aspiration 5 – Great Energy

 Take time out to nurture yourself. Exercise outside gently and take time out from all devices. Sleep longer by going to bed earlier. Make a date with yourself to indulge yourself. Maybe a massage or a browse in a bookshop. Visiting a new town or art gallery.

 Aspiration 6 – Great Nutrition

Keeping slim, fit and healthy takes work. No quick fix just steady changes will bring you untold benefits and results. Eat well with pure foods not processed junk. But don’t go mad all at once. Diets don’t work but small changes made into habits over time do. Drink loads of water to keep your cells hydrated.

 Aspiration 7 – Great Relaxation

 Rest before you get tired. Yes, really, stop letting yourself get exhausted. A 20 minute power nap will make a massive difference to your energy levels whether that’s after lunch or in a lay-by on the way home. Take time out to do something new that will focus you in a different way. This enables your brain to relax and re-energise.

 For more strategies for a well lived life r make an appointment to see one of the expert therapists at the clinic. We really do believe in helping you be the best you can be.

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