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How I Got Stitched Up! Or How to Do a Public Talk with NO Preparation

How I Got Stitched Up! Or How to Do a Public Talk with NO Preparation

“I need another speaker and that’s a great story, I’ll put you on first” Talk about being given no choice, there I was at a Marketing Conference bar (where else?) and the host press ganged me to the microphone 10 minutes later! Going through my head were a lot of expletives I cannot type here plus wishing I’d made more of an effort with my dress (ever vain!)

Public Speaking is all about confidence and even with no practice you can put these tips into action straight away;

7 Best Public Speaking Tips

  1. Take deep breaths into your belly as you wait and walk up to get some oxygen flowing and to calm your body

  2. Smile- even if you don’t feel like it. The brain gets confused and you automatically feel happier

  3. Notes are good, a script is bad. You are not reading a book you are speaking from your heart. Tell your audience a story. Your experience is invaluable. Remember they don’t know what you have forgotten! A few one word notes can keep you on track

  4. Stand tall, again it helps portray confidence even if there is a box of frogs doing cartwheels in your belly

  5. Speak slowly- this is the hardest part for many of my clients. No-one will understand you when you gabble. Pretend you are on half speed and leave big gaps between each part. 2 seconds will seem like an hour to you but won’t be even noticed by your audience. It will give you time to think too

  6. Understand that the audience really do want you to do well. They want to hear what you have to say and as you look around you will notice your supporters. Focus on them and the energy they will give you

  7. Plan your finish. Is is a conclusion, a message, a question you wish to leave them with? Or simply thanking them for their time. Whatever it is, wrap up well, as it leaves a nice warm feeling with your audience and yourself.

The best thing about public speaking is the confidence it gives you. If you have time to prepare that’s terrific but if not and you take these tips into account, even just a few of them, you will sit down happier and taller than when you went up to the mike.

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