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Keep Healthy, Keep Hydrated 

Keep Healthy, Keep Hydrated 

It’s been lovely weather hasn’t it and it’s really important to stay topped up with water. We know most of our body is made of water and the greatest amount in in skin and muscles. 

It’s especially important for athletes but just us normal folk can suffer too and a lack of hydration makes us more prone to injury.

Why drink water?

  • It keeps muscles energised. If nutrients are not transported around the body the muscles can cramp and become fatigued. Contributes to lubricating joints
  • It important to keep your skin plumped up and prevent wrinkles
  • Water regulates body temperature
  • Good hydration can prevent constipation as our bodies will pull away fluid from waste products if not resulting in dry, hard stools
  • Maintains good kidney function as it works to cleanse our body of waste toxins
  • Check your urine colour to see if you are drinking enough water. Pale or colourless is good, dark or amber colour could be an indication of dehydration. 

Symptoms of lack of water

Anyone of these could be signs of dehydration; tiredness, muscles cramps, nausea, vomiting, dry mouth, lack of sweating, low performance, lack of concentration and inability to make decisions. 

If dehydration is severe it can lead to mental confusion, weakness and loss of consciousness. 

Sports performance

Proper hydration is essential before, during and after exercise. Just a small decrease in hydration  can affect performance by up to 10% and contracted muscle strength by 30%. 

So in this hot  weather keep water close by. I have a pint glass always on my desk. Yes, full of water! 


Please note this article is for interest only and does not take the place of medical advice. Any medical concerns should always be taken to your GP or your healthcare professional. 

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