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Leaky Bladder and Fearful of Sneezing?

Leaky Bladder and Fearful of Sneezing?

Written by Tara Lawson- Womens’ Health Physio

Patients will ask me if it is normal to leak when coughing or sneezing? They may be having trouble getting to the toilet in time or find that sex has become difficult or painful or even noticed a prolapse.
This is then usually followed up by a quick “I suppose I’ve had babies and I am getting older”.
Very few ladies will have spoken to their GPs about this problem and will sweep it under the carpet and accept it as part of being a woman.
I hear this so often and many women are shocked when I tell them that 1 in 3 women will suffer from pelvic floor dysfunction and in many cases it is very treatable.
It is common but it is not normal!
Many of these issues can also be causing symptoms elsewhere such as the low back and hips. Not to mention that many women will avoid exercise for fear of leaking or worsening a prolapse which causes problems of it’s own throughout the whole body!
I have seen so many of these “by the way” issues that have had so much success from intervention.
Susan* came in to see me for prolapse symptoms following several surgeries and difficult births. Following her surgery she was unable to have sex with her partner and also struggled with urgency issues with her bladder. After treatment she reported that she is now able to enjoy a normal sex life and is no longer searching for the toilet every time she goes out and feels much more relaxed about a day out!
Mary* also attended physiotherapy for urgency issues and stress urinary incontinence. She was having to get up several times per night to go to the toilet and was suffering from a lot of discomfort as a result of prolapse and weak pelvic floor. After treatment, she reports that she is now sleeping through the night without having to wake to go to the toilet and is now more comfortable with significantly fewer episodes of urgency.
Many ladies come back in and tell me that they have been able to go out for the day and not had to worry about going to the toilet, they have been able to have a satisfying sex life, they haven’t leaked in weeks and some have even been on a trampoline!
If you are suffering from any of the symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction, remember you are not alone, we all have a pelvic floor and things can go awry just like a back or a shoulder.
There is help here. Don’t be afraid to discuss it with your practitioner or GP or ask for a consultation with Tara Lawson- our Womens’ Health Physio. Don’t suffer, get it treated.

*Names changed

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