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Ligament Sprains- how we can help

Ligament Sprains- how we can help

Ligaments are very tough structures connecting one bone to another at a joint.  Ligament sprain usually occurs with a trauma such as a sports injury or fall.

Knee and ankle ligaments are frequently seen in clinic, normally as a result of a fall, twist or inversion injury. 

Symptoms will include pain, swelling, reduced range of movement and strength.

Your physiotherapist will do a thorough assessment of the mechanism of injury and the symptom pattern following the injury as these are very important when establishing how much damage has been done to the ligament.

Following this, your physiotherapist will do a physical examination to establish strength of the muscles and range of movement and stability of the joint.

Ligament sprains are graded from one to three (stretching/small tears to complete tears). In some severe circumstances a review with the orthopaedics team may be required and your physiotherapist can advise if this is necessary.

Ligament injuries can take several months to heal dependent on the severity of the damage and it is important to rehabilitate the joint to prevent further problems.  Strength and proprioceptive (balance and co-ordination) rehabilitation is imperative and a physiotherapist can provide you with an appropriate programme.

Tara Lawson
Chartered Physiotherapist Warr Physio Clinic

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