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OMG There’s still so much TO DO!!

OMG There’s still so much TO DO!!

Book your physio treatments now before the mad rush. Determine you will sort out your bad back before lifting the turkey out of the oven. I remember Dad being called as an emergency one Christmas Day to help someone who who had doubled over lifting the turkey out. Those were the days?

Be ruthless and ask yourself if the ‘stuff’ you plan to do really matters or can you eliminate from your to-do list? Yes your mother-in-law will look under the bed but on the top of the wardrobe?

Give yourself a date break. Plan time out for you to get out in the world with no media attachments and allow yourself time to just breathe. Take a walk and enjoy the colours, notice the sky and smell the winter freshness. The smell from the viburnum in a piece of council ground is heavenly near me.

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