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Ouch I’ve got Shoulder Pain!

Ouch I’ve got Shoulder Pain!

Are you getting-

– Pain with moving the arm such as when putting on a jacket, fastening a bra, or reaching into your back pocket?
– Pain when reaching overhead or lifting objects?
– Weakness with shoulder movements?

Here’s How to Help Yourself

– If you have sustained an injury, use ice on the shoulder (with a tea towel between the skin and the ice) for 15 minutes 2-3 times / day
– If able, allow the arm to swing naturally when you walk to keep the muscles loose
– If the pain is intense and or keeping you from sleeping, driving, or working: speak to your GP for appropriate pain control.

How our Physiotherapists will help you-

– We’ll assess you fully and explain what’s going on (diagnosis)
– Let you know which activities and exercises you should avoid
– Use hands on physiotherapy as needed to decrease swelling and muscular / joint stiffness
-Give you exercises to do at home to restore your movement and strength and speed your healing
– Guide and help you return to your usual activities, sports, etc….

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