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Rehabilitation in Sports and Exercise


  • Do you need sports rehabilitation to reduce pain due to injury?
  • Do you need ‘hands-on’ therapy and possible taping to enable you to continue your sport?
  • Do you need a pre-event massage to prepare your body specifically focusing on the muscles to be used
  • Do you need a post event massage to restore the muscles and tendons?
  • Do you need support to stop you getting injures and allow you to progress your training?
  • Do you need a deep muscle massage to relieve pain and tension?
  • Not just for athletes, for any of us who get all ‘knotted up’ and need time to relax the body?

Or do any of the  following sound familiar?

  • Back, shoulder and neck pain, after a day slaving away at the office
  • Tight, sore muscles, preventing you from reaching your training goals
  • Injury prone body parts, due to poor flexibility
  • Tired muscles which impair your ability to enjoy life

Rehabilitation Sports and Exercise Therapy is the manipulation of soft tissue for the prevention of injuries. It maintains good physical condition and health through normalising muscle tone promoting relaxation, stimulating circulation and producing therapeutic effects on all systems of the body.

Rehabilitation Sports and Exercise Therapy is not solely for sports people. Any general ache or pain is often related to soft tissues dysfunction and can be eased through treatment. Postural complaints form sitting at desks or driving can be treated.

Athletes and weekend players looking to enhance their performance and prolong sporting life will also benefit

These are the benefits you can expect from an effective treatment;

  • Stimulation of the muscles to release toxic waste
  • Preparation of muscles for exercise
  •  Supported training routines
  • Relaxation of tired muscles after exercise
  • Improved flexibility, for an active lifestyle
  • Faster rehabilitation after injury
  • Alleviation of stress/ tension
  • Improved posture

Rehabilitation Sports and Exercise Therapy is for everyone not just sports performers; it helps people on a daily basis to keep the body agile and ready for the unexpected.

Regardless of your experience in sport or exercise whether you exercise socially or compete to an international level- Rehabilitation Sports and Exercise Therapy may have something to offer you, book now.

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