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Post C-Section Physiotherapy

Post C-Section Physiotherapy

C-section is one of the most common major abdominal surgeries carried out, with many babies being delivered in this way every day.

During pregnancy, there are many biomechanical changes that occur and many women experience, back, hip or pelvic girdle pain.  Some of these issues can carry on post delivery.

Pregnancy also puts a significant strain on the muscles of the abdominal wall and pelvic floor.

C-section surgery involves going through many layers of the abdominal wall to get to the baby for delivery, including the musculature of the abdomen and is frequently overlooked for rehabilitation.

Recovery from a c-section can be incredibly hard as you now also have a new baby to look after and sometimes other children at home, meaning rest is nigh on impossible!

Many women post-partum report issues with their abdominal wall (separation of the abdominal muscles), pelvic floor (continence issues or prolapse) or back pain, this is regardless of method of delivery.

Post vaginal delivery and c-section delivery, our Women’s Health Physiotherapist can assess any pain you may be having and also advise on ways to recover from delivery or surgery and get you back to doing what you would like to do safely.

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