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Ski fit?

Ski fit?

Bonkers sport in my opinion but with a daughter a Level 3 instructor I had to give it a go last year and by day 3 I couldn’t walk!! I should have known better and prepared. But you can with our advice.

Injuries are common and 40% of all injuries are knees injuries. The twisting force is just not something we were designed to bear and its so important to prepare your body before going mad for one week.

Prepare with cardio work for your heart and lungs on a cross or summit trainer.

In your legs, the quadriceps help protect your knees and your hamstrings stabilise you.

Your thighs help you to steer, and you put tremendous pressure on your back as you bend over in a flexed position.

Ask your Physio to sort out any niggling aches and pains before you go, and advise on exercises and support if required. Get a strengthening programme. Invest in your body, get the experts advice and have a fantastic time if you are hitting the slopes (not literally I hope)

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