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Sports Massage? Keeping you tip top!

Sports Massage? Keeping you tip top!

Welcome to Natasha (Tasha Furnell) Our lovely new Sports Massage Therapist. Tasha will treating patients  Tuesday’s, Thursday’s and Saturdays for all of you who want an ‘unwinding’ after a hard week at a computer. No I’m not taking the micky- sitting here typing aware of shoulders hunching up and back stiff from sitting too long, a Sports Massage is an essential to get deep into the muscles to relax them all and feel totally rejuvenated . . Or maybe you-

Are you a weekend warrior or training for a serious sports event?

Here’s Why  Sports Massage may Help;

  • Stimulates the muscles to release toxic waste
  • Prepares muscles for exercise
  • Supports training routines
  • Relaxes tired muscles after exercise
  • Improves flexibility, for an active lifestyle
  • Faster rehabilitation from injury
  • Alleviates stress/ tension
  • Improves posture

Sports Massage really is for everyone not just sports performers; it will help you on a daily basis to keep your body agile and ready for the unexpected.

Especially as we get older it’s essential to keep our bodies agile and flexible;
Try it out by Booking Now-Available Tuesday, Friday and Saturday call 0118 978 2409

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