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Sports Massage. Sports Injuries Tag

  Financial advisers advise to save regular over time and invest in our future. And our bodies can benefit from profound, seemingly impossible ways over time from minor adjustments in our habits and lifestyle choices. Take for example the following patients’ experiences with physiotherapy: -The 14 year-old rower...

In the beginning, the pinching feeling in the front of my left hip only came on when I crouched too low to the floor.  I had never injured my hip that I could remember, but it sure wasn’t happy to let me squat down to...

Welcome to Natasha (Tasha Furnell) Our lovely new Sports Massage Therapist. Tasha will treating patients  Tuesday's, Thursday's and Saturdays for all of you who want an 'unwinding' after a hard week at a computer. No I'm not taking the micky- sitting here typing aware of...