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Tennis Elbow Any Time, Not Just for Wimbledon!

Tennis Elbow Any Time, Not Just for Wimbledon!

A condition not confined to tennis players, you may experience it as;

– Pain on the outer edge of your elbow
– Pain with gripping activities such as holding a tennis racket
– Pain when lifting objects such as a kettle
– Pain with driving
– Weakness of your grip

What you can do to help yourself;

– Avoid the activities that seem to have caused your symptoms
– Apply ice to the outer elbow (with a tea towel between the skin and the ice) for 15 minutes 2-3 times / day
– Contact your GP if you feel you need pain control

What our Physiotherapists can do to help you;

– Assess you fully and explain your underlying diagnosis
– Educate you about which activities and exercises you should avoid
– Use hands on physiotherapy as needed to decrease swelling and muscular / joint stiffness
– Give you exercises to help restore your movement and strength and get you better quicker
– Advise you when you can return to your usual activities, sports, etc….

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