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Update on Advice

Update on Advice

Thanks for all the phone calls asking when we will be open again.

The current advice from the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy is that ALL new appointments must be by video. This is for the physio to not only assess your condition but also to decide if face-2-face consultation is appropriate at this time. You will be asked a number of screening questions to ensure that you do not come to the clinic and put any of the team at risk. 


  1. Use the contact form.
  2. Telephone 01189782409 and leave a message.
  3. Email

We hope to have more physio’s doing video consultations next week and will keep you updated. 

Any treatment not able to be covered remotely such as with Marcus is still not available.

This is the situation at present and I will continue to update as we are given more guidelines. 

I totally understand how frustrating this is when we are unable to see you and I thank you for your patience and kindness. 

Hoping to see you soonest


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