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What is chronic pain?

What is chronic pain?

Pain can be a normal reaction to an injury or illness.  When your body heals, your pain usually stops. 

For some people, pain continues after its cause is gone.  When is lasts for 3-6 months or more, it is called chronic pain.   

Chronic pain affects more individuals than diabetes, cancer and heart disease combined, yet an accurate diagnosis of chronic pain can be difficult.   

Treating the cause. 

Determining what you are experiencing and identifying the cause of symptoms is important to detangle the complexity of chronic pain and with this comes the best treatment approaches that address your conditions. 

What can you do to increase function and reduce pain? 

The following steps can help:  

  • Reduce your stress level.  Chronic stress initiates inflammation and pain.   
  • Taking regular exercise like going for a walk outside can help exercise joints and muscles. 
  • Relaxation such as breathing techniques are shown to help reduce the sensitivity of the pain receptors.  
  • Reducing food with inflammatory preservatives and additives or processed foods can reduce the inflammatory action inside your body. 
  • Physiotherapy can help work through the movements that are painful, can help pace and use modalities to reduce compensations and pain in the body. 

Liz Shaladan Chartered Physiotherapist

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