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Why Regular ‘Treats’ Keep You Well

Why Regular ‘Treats’ Keep You Well

Physiotherapy is more than just treating the pain, we care about your lifestyle too and will listen to you carefully to help you get back to full fitness as soon as possible ,by assessing what may have caused your injury and how to prevent re-occurrence. Our expert Sports Physiotherapists will help you rehabilitate safely and get you back to sport or exercise as soon as you can. A regular “maintenance appointment” can ensure you stay in tip top condition and sort out nagging aches and pains before they put you out of action.

Stick a Needle in it

Well that doesn’t sound very positive does it? But Acupuncture is one of our most popular therapies in it’s own right not just as part of physio treatment. An ancient and accepted therapy aimed at treating you as a whole person and recovering the balance of physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of yourself. Balancing your energy has got to be one of the most important aspects of our health hasn’t it? Many of our patients treat themselves regularly to a treatment with Marcus Senior to keep themselves well balanced. Healthier than a glass of wine!!

So ‘treat’ yourself to a treatment today and invest in YOUR future health

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