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Womens’ Health


The pelvic floor is an important and often neglected area, consisting of many muscles, ligaments and nerves. When it is working correctly we can virtually forget about it unless you are one of the vigilant ones who does your pelvic floor exercises regularly.

Pelvic girdle pain or symphysis pubic dysfunction (SPD) often occurs during pregnancy. Previous pelvic injury or sports injury can also lead to this condition


Dysfunction of the pelvic floor can have many symptoms such as;

  • incontinence- urge or stress, coital or nocturnal. There are many names.
  • pelvic pain
  • prolapse
  • sexual dysfunction
  • bowel dysfunction- constipation
  • unexplained pain in the lower back, pelvis, rectum or genitals


Childbirth is one of the main reasons for pelvic floor dysfunction. Being overweight or obese can be a contributory factor.
Often the problems get worse as you get older (hormone changes) but there is no need to suffer, treatment is available.
Some surgery can also cause difficulties.


A full history will be taken and although this may seem embarrassing to you the Women’s Health Physiotherapist (Tara Lawson) will totally understand and help to put you at your ease. You may have a full musculoskeletal evaluation and your breathing pattern and postural habits will be examined. She ensures that you do not do anything that will make you feel uncomfortable and will only perform a pelvic floor examination with your full consent after a full explanation of the procedure and if she thinks it is necessary.Depending on the outcome you will be given advice and be able to practice some exercises with your physiotherapist to ensure you are able to do them correctly
Good outcomes are experienced from Physiotherapist led treatment but occasionally we may need to refer you for further treatment from other professionals. We will ensure you are referred to the correct consultant.
For more information have a look at the videos on the video page or call the clinic and ask for the Women’s Health physio (Tara Lawson)  to give you a call if you are uncertain about your condition.

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