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Christmas Chaos

Christmas Chaos

The Christmas period is usually an exceptionally busy time with preparations for the big day, visits to family and friends and Christmas parties.

This can surprisingly also mean a busy time at the Warr Clinic too with a wide range of festive injuries, and not always the ones you would often think of.

Of course we see quite a few injuries to knees, ankles and wrists following an evening of dancing and merriment or lifting a heavy turkey out of the oven, but most issues we see arise from much more innocuous sources.

This can include simple things such as forgetting to do your regular exercises due to the busy nature of the season and having acute flare ups of underlying issues, it is important to make time to do your exercise routine and even if it less, it is still better than not at all!

We also see a lot of people with pain after sitting on the sofa or in the car on visits to see loved ones. Or if you are staying over, the dreaded inflatable mattress or uncomfortable mattress in the spare room!  Make sure you take regular breaks when driving long distances to get out and stretch your legs and avoid sitting for long periods of time.

Other hazards of Christmas come with the gifts.  Periods of sitting in awkward positions to wrap presents can cause painful issues in many areas of the body.  One way to help negate this is by wrapping presents at the table or even the ironing board as this is height adjustable and can avoid periods of being sat on the hard floor or bent over wrapping presents at the coffee table.

Simple steps such as staying on top of exercises, moving regularly and taking regular breaks from repetitive tasks can make a huge difference and hopefully keep you enjoying the festive period pain free.  

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