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Leaky Bladder? How Physio Can Help-Yes Really

Leaky Bladder? How Physio Can Help-Yes Really

“Skipping isn’t good for the bladder is it?” my friend only half joked with me at the gym mirrors today after our circuits class. Various nods around me from the older ladies, (all mums), made me bold in saying “well you know Physio can help that don’t you”. NO they didn’t.

But what is a leaky bladder? Or as the medical profession prefer “Urinary Incontinence”?

Simply it’s passing urine when you don’t mean too. This affects men and women but is much more common in women. Very common after pregnancy and also as women hit the menopause. There are various types but two are most common.

Stress Incontinence– when you cough, laugh, do vigorous exercise- as in my friends case, skipping, a small amount of urine leaks unintentionally. The problem is compounded if the bladder is full and so under pressure. The shopping aisles have many forms of padding to help reduce embarrassment but that’s not really the answer.

Urge Incontinence– you get a sudden urge to pass urine and this can be very intense and there is only a small amount of time (seconds) before you actually release urine. Often you may need to get up in the night and go a lot more than other people.

It’s not something we tend to talk about is it? We’ll happily share most ailment but not this. I will though, because you shouldn’t have to suffer. First things first- DO go to your GP. They will check out if you have any infection and give you an accurate diagnosis. Trust me they hear much worse things than you suffering urine leakage. Yes, to you it’s massively embarrassing but having to be mindful of what you wear or plot out toilets for the rest of your life? Would just a few minutes be that bad?

Your GP can then refer you to the clinic to see our Womens’ Health Physiotherapist if they think you would benefit and nothing else is awry.

Tara Lawson is specially trained in helping women retrain the pelvic floor muscles and gives lots of great advice on many issues of womens health. (Have a look at our  YouTube video by clicking on the Google + button on top of page) She will put you at your ease and at all times, any examinations will be totally discreet and private.

Physio is one option that can hugely help to resolve your problems but if not then she can advise you also on the surgical options.

Isn’t it time to stop worrying about toilets, pads and embarrassment and take action to reform your lifestyle in this really important function of the body. It can change your life!

Book a full session with Tara Lawson our lovely Womens’ Health Physio on 0118 978 2409. No need to explain to reception, just ask for appointment with the Women’s Health Physio Tara.

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