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Desk Related Upper Limb Injuries

Desk Related Upper Limb Injuries

We see many patients presenting with elbow and wrist pain (commonly referred to as RSI).

There are many things you can do to help prevent these issues occurring.

  • Make sure your desk is set up well, if possible have an ergonomic assessment to make sure your desk set up is right for you.
  • Use an upright mouse.  With a conventional mouse, you are constantly using the extensor muscles of the hand, wrist and fingers (many of which originate at the elbow). By using an upright mouse, you are putting the forearm in a more neutral position meaning less strain on these structures.
  • Use a gel pad or towel roll under your wrist.   Again, with a conventional keyboard, the forearm muscles tend to work much harder, which can cause pain. By elevating the wrist into a more neutral position, there is much less strain on these muscles.
  • Take regular breaks.  This is helpful for all desk related issues, whether it be wrist pain or back pain.  By getting up and moving regularly we can prevent a whole host of issues.  The worst posture is the one you are in for too long!
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