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Suffering Heel or Foot pain?

Suffering Heel or Foot pain?

Heel and foot pain is a common complaint seen by physiotherapists and can be caused by a number of issues such as achilles tendon problems (tears or degenerative changes), plantar fasciitis or sometimes tibialis posterior tendinopathy.  Many of these structures will cause irritation to the other and the foot is a very complex structure, so often you will see a combination of different issues going on and almost all of them are treatable with physiotherapy intervention.

Physiotherapists will often look at the whole lower limb to see if there are any biomechanical issues further up that may be causing a problem and advise on ways to correct this.  They will also look at how the foot and ankle move during walking and feel and test the structures of the foot.

Many problems respond well to manual therapies (mobilising stiff joint in the foot and soft tissue massage) alongside a strengthening and stretching programme to do at home.  

Sometimes a physiotherapist will also advise on the use of an orthotic/insole to help with the mechanics of the foot during gait.

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