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Update on Treatment for Physiotherapy

Update on Treatment for Physiotherapy

It’s so good to see patients in the clinic once again. Just a very small team of us at present and this is to help you know what procedures are now in place for Face to Face (F2F) appointments. Please read all carefully before coming to the clinic. ONLY PRE-BOOKED APPOINTMENTS.

Your Patient Journey

Enquiry to the Clinic

  • When you phone, we are still advising patients that a virtual appointment is required initially to assess if you are need F2F treatment. 
  • It could be that your condition is not suitable for a virtual appointment and you may be offered a shorter initial telephone conversation with a physiotherapist. 
  • Your physiotherapist will also go through a Risk Assessment for symptoms of COVID-19 and possible risks of a F2F appointment. 
  • Your booking confirmation contains an attachment we request you to sign and bring to the clinic or return by email confirming that you have been made aware and accept the risks of F2F treatment. 

Before coming to the clinic

  • Please ensure you wear suitable clothing for your treatment to avoid removing any more than strictly required. Please leave all belongings that are not required in your vehicle. 
  • Please come on your own unless chaperoning a child for an appointment.
  • Please leave children and babies in the care of others outside the clinic to help us keep to the minimum amount of contact.
  • Ensure you have used the toilet before leaving your house and bring any drinking water with you if you need to have it. 

Arrival at the clinic

  • Please do not arrive more than 5 minutes early for your appointment.
  • Please wear a mask if you have one or bring £1.50 to buy one at reception. 
  • We ask that you wait in the car until your physiotherapist comes to the entrance to welcome you in. 
  • We are asking you to wash your hands thoroughly before entering reception. Sanitiser is on the reception desk otherwise. 
  • If you are paying by credit card you will pre-pay for your appointment and the credit card machine is sanitised before and after use. 

Your Physiotherapy Treatment

  • You will be treated in one of the treatment rooms. 
  • Your physio will be wearing protective clothing as designated by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy current guidance. 
  • There are 10-minute gaps between appointments to allow the room to be thoroughly cleaned before the next patient arrives and fresh PPE donned. 

Leaving the clinic

  • Your next appointment will be booked by your physio
  • If you are in an upstairs treatment room, you will be asked to leave by the fire exit at the bottom of the stairs and go through the cottage garden to the car park. Please note there are 2 steps down out of the clinic. 
  • Please take all of your own PPE with you and dispose of appropriately. 

We thank you for your understanding in all of this as we restart and for your support in keeping our family business going and able to serve you. 


N.B. No appointments are yet available for;

Sports Massage or Rehabilitation with Emily Mead

Relationship Counselling with Fay Hanniker.

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