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What is Bursitis? How can physio help?

What is Bursitis? How can physio help?

Bursae are small, fluid filled sack structures naturally occurring in many places around the body.  Bursae provide a cushion between tendons and bones or extra padding where required!

Occasionally bursae can become inflamed and irritated and cause pain and difficulty moving (bursitis).  Common sites for this to occur are within the shoulder and outer hip (trochanteric bursitis).  We also less commonly see issues with the bursa at the back of the knee (commonly known as a Bakers cyst), ischium (sitting bones) and elbow.

Physiotherapists will assess the underlying cause for the bursa to become irritated, most commonly due to movement dysfunction and treat accordingly.  This may involve manual therapies to loosen tissues that may have become tight and painful and strengthening exercises to improve quality of movement, therefore taking pressure off the bursa.  

Many people suffering from symptoms of bursitis respond very well to physiotherapy intervention and are able to return to their normal activities without pain.

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