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Will Physio Help my Back Pain?

Will Physio Help my Back Pain?

Back pain is one of the most common diagnoses treated by physiotherapists.  The complex shape and structure of the joints in the spine dictate how our backs are able to move.  Planes of movements and the degrees of normal motion at each joint are studied in depth by physiotherapy students all over the world.  

What happens when I have back pain? 

Individuals are able to bend, twist, and lean side to side by using a combination of small movements from several joints in the spine.  When the back becomes injured, whether by acute trauma or an accumulation of wear and tear, certain movements or postures become painful or restricted.  Physiotherapists assess spinal movements both by observing how people move, as well as by feeling how each of the joints move.  Restrictions or pain may be caused by a myriad of factors.  Common examples are sprains of the ligaments holding two vertebrae together, muscle strains, or weakened areas in discs which bulge and press against nerves.  

Physiotherapists first listen to the history of the patient’s symptoms as this information is useful to build an overall picture of how their back responds to specific activities and positions.  Back pain that is worsened by sitting and bending for example often requires a different treatment approach to back pain that increases with standing or bending backwards.   

What if my back pain is a sign of something more sinister? 

Physiotherapists are always on the lookout for symptoms which mimic normal back pain, but may actually be from more sinister pathologies such as tumours, infections, or internal organ diseases.   In these cases we refer patients to their doctor as a matter of urgency for further investigation.  

How our Physio’s treat back pain

Combining input from the patient’s history, the movements of the spine, and the feel of the joints and muscles allows the physiotherapist to decide how to best treat each patient.  

Back pain often improves with a combination of hands on treatment and exercises aimed at normalising the movement at each joint.  Which exercises are suitable for each patient depends on their specific pain and movement restriction.  

Tried everything? 

Many people with back pain feel they have tried everything, and that there is nothing they can do to alleviate their pain.  This is often because they do not know how the spine is supposed to move and how specific exercises can help one type of back pain, but may actually worsen back pain from a different source.  Physiotherapists are experts in assessing spines and giving patients tailored advice regarding which activities and exercises to perform and which to avoid to decrease their unique symptoms.

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  • Mahesh Singh
    Posted at 12:50h, 27 November Reply

    Great blog the information you provided about physio and back pain helped me a lot, the physio therapy really helped me thanks for such a great blog.

  • Allen Michael
    Posted at 11:01h, 19 March Reply

    What an informative post on back pain! It’s good to know that normal back pain can be treated with proper exercise and hands-on treatment. It’s also informative to know that physiotherapists are on the lookout for sinister causes of back pain.

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