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What are Tendon Injuries?

What are Tendon Injuries?

Tendons are the structures that connect your muscles to your bones.  These structures can be susceptible to different types of issues both acute and chronic.

Tendons can tear and rupture as a result of a trauma which can cause significant pain and functional issues dependant on which tendon has ruptured.  If you suspect you have ruptured a tendon it is important for you to be assessed by a healthcare professional as soon as possible in order for the correct treatment pathway to start in order for you to have the best outcome.  Particularly if the injury is the result of a trauma as there could be other injuries as well!  As we get older, the tendons tend to become weaker and more prone to tears and these tears can sometime go unnoticed until there becomes a functional issue.  A physiotherapist can help regain function and manage the symptoms of these issues.

Another common injury is tendinopathy or tendinitis.  This is where the tendon has been subjected to stresses or forces that have caused the tendon to become thickened, weakened and painful.  This is commonly seen in the achilles, patellar tendon or in the shoulder.  Physiotherapy aims to improve range of movement and correct movement patterns that may have lead to the tendinopathy to begin and to restore normal function and alleviate pain.

Tara Lawson
Chartered Physiotherapist

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